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The TidalKite™ system is a form of power generation that uses kites to harness the hydrokinetic energy of tidal and ocean currents. The fundamental idea behind TidalKite may feel like science fiction but is well-grounded in the laws of physics. The kites are anchored to a hydraulic energy converter with a tether and can harness underwater currents in the same way a kite flies in the air. The principle of how it works is elegantly simple and highly efficient.

There is more to it than just a kite

TidalKite moves in a predetermined and stable figure-eight path, controlled by an autonomous, sophisticated remote monitoring and control system, that oversees the entire process for optimal performance and safety. The pulling force generated by the kite sets a biodegradable working fluid in motion, which is then converted into a rotating motion that drives a generator to produce electricity. A submarine power cable transports the electricity from the underwater operation to the shore and feeds it into the grid. The TidalKite system can operate across all tidal segments and can be towed and installed in place by using standard, widely available vessels and equipment to enable a lower levelised cost of energy.

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1. Monitor Control Unit
Real-time updates on everything from a single kite's movement to TidalKite farms' operations are constantly controlled, monitored and evaluated through our advanced remote monitoring and control system.


2. Submarine Power Cable
A submarine power cable transports the electricity from the underwater operation to the shore.


3. Mooring Anchor
A mooring anchor secures the TidalKite system in place, providing stability of the kite during operation.


4. Hydraulic Energy Converter (PTO)
The power-take-off (PTO) system is engineered to generate maximum electricity from the kinetic energy.


5. Tether Cable
The TidalKite is anchored to a hydraulic energy converter with a tether, using the 'world's strongest cable’. This proven technology is a vital subsystem, as it transfers the kites' pulling forces, but also provides power and data transmission to the kite, all contained in a hydrodynamic profile.


6. TidalKite
The multi-wing TidalKite technology designed to be eco-friendly and optimized to maximize the energy yield through 3D-harnessing the kinetic energy from tidal and ocean currents.


Kite specifications

- Fully recyclable
- Buoyancy neutral
- Dimensions of the kite: 9 by 12 meters
- Capacity: 0,5MW
- 360 degree rotatable wings

Operating conditions

- Flexible depth: 10 – 75 meter
- Water velocity: 1– 5 meters per second
- Safe operating speeds (comparable to the speed of vessels)

Baseload power TidalKite delivers the lowest cost 100% clean baseload power, needed to complement peak load power and optimise grid use.
Lower LCOE TidalKite enables a lower levelised cost of energy (LCOE) compared to conventional tidal technologies.
High energy yield The multi-wing TidalKite can 3D-harness a large surface area, producing energy 24/7/365 at a stable volume and price.
Scalable TidalKite farms are versatile and modular, suitable for deployment across all tidal segments, doubling the addressable tidal market to make real impact.
Eco-friendly Designed to be eco-friendly and resilient at its core, safe for deployment in marine environments and 100% recyclable.

TidalKite farms


SeaQurrent plans to enter the tidal energy market by selling TidalKite systems that are installed in farms. The capacity of a single TidalKite system is approximately 0,5 MW and they are deployed in TidalKite farms, ranging from a few MW's to hundreds of MW’s in size. Enough to power a small Island, a city and up to hundreds of thousands of households and businesses worldwide.

TidalKite farms are versatile, modular, and consist of multiple TidalKites that are placed in a grid-like pattern. This layout is designed to not only minimize the impact on nature and marine life but also optimise energy harnessing potential.

TidalKite farms reliably generate electricity, providing the lowest cost 100% renewable baseload power at a stable volume and price. Resulting in heightened financial returns over time.

Farm sizes

Small MW: <5
Number of kites: up to 10
kWh/year: up to 18,5 million
medium MW: 5 - 50
Number of kites: up to 100
kWh/year: up to 185 million
large MW: 50 - 200
Number of kites: up to 400
kWh/year: up to 740 million
extra large MW: >200
Number of kites: more than 400
kWh/year: >740 million
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Designed to operate in harmony with underwater nature


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