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Our purpose is to enable a modern world where 100% renewables is the standard. We believe that the mix of existing energy solutions for zero emissions is incomplete. So, we are developing the TidalKite system, a revolutionary underwater kite that captures the steady energy of the tides.

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Nobody can achieve this by themselves. We need a motivated, diverse and knowledgeable team to achieve this. That's why we're looking for a motivated and qualified team to join us. Your role is crucial in making a real impact. So, come work with us, not just for a job, but for an adventure and a chance to contribute to a future where sustainability is key.

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Thesis topic – Analysis of hydrodynamic parameters influencing the TidalKite performance undersea

  • Internship
  • WO
  • Drachten or Groningen

Purpose-driven Marketing and Communication Professional (32-40 hours/week)

  • Fulltime position
  • HBO / WO
  • Drachten or Groningen

Quantitative Business Development Analyst

  • Fulltime position
  • HBO / WO
  • Drachten or Groningen

It is our goal to make TidalKite a mainstream energy solution in ten years. A bit of a moon shot, right? No. By then we have made it happen. Driven by our strong perseverance and our solid commitment to foster and preserve our planet. For our future generations. For good.

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Internships and graduation assignments

We often have opportunities for enthusiastic interns or graduates who are passionate about shaping a sustainable future.

If you're ready to help us grow and take on interesting tasks, let's talk! Maybe there is a fit? Let's see if we have topics and projects to match your expertise and study journey. If you're curious about joining us or want more info, reach out to us and send an email to

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