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We want to enable a modern world where 100% renewables is the standard. Currently, the mix of zero-emission solutions falls short. That's why we're developing the TidalKite—a groundbreaking underwater kite that harnesses the constant power of tides, complementing variable renewable sources and enhancing grid efficiency.

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Seaqurrent TidalKite System

Our tidalkite

Our TidalKite flies underwater, back and forth in a figure 8 pattern across the current, creating a powerful lift force. This lift force is then transferred into electricity by an advanced hydraulic energy convertor (PTO). What makes our technology unique is its versatility, making TidalKite suitable for deployment across all tidal segments, doubling the potential tidal energy market.

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It is our goal to make TidalKite a mainstream energy solution in ten years.  A bit of a moonshot, right? No. By then we have made it happen. Driven by our strong perseverance and our solid commitment to foster and preserve our planet. 

For future generations. For good.

From Sea to Innovation: The Genesis of Our TidalKite

While sailing against the currents in the Dutch Wadden Sea, SeaQurrent's founder, Youri Wentzel, was struck by the reliability, immense force, and vast untapped energy of tidal currents. This experience led him to question why this kinetic energy wasn't being utilized as an electricity source.

In researching, Youri discovered that there wasn't a feasible solution available to economically convert the lower velocity tidal currents into electricity.

However, someone had to be the pioneer, and Youri was eager to take on that role. As a sea sailor and kite surfer, Wentzel envisioned a key role for a kite in generating energy. After extensive research, our next generation technology, the TidalKite was born under the SeaQurrent banner.

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"Tidal currents pack immense energy. Sailors understand that battling these currents requires resilience and determination, symbolizing the spirit of perseverance needed to navigate challenges and achieve goals."

Youri Zee

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Thesis topic – Analysis of hydrodynamic parameters influencing the TidalKite performance undersea

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