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Unlocking 23 TWh: how SeaQurrent’s TidalKite promises to revolutionize Ireland’s data centres for a 100% renewable, 24/7 operation

Unlocking 23 TWh: how SeaQurrent’s TidalKite promises to revolutionize Ireland’s data centres for a 100% renewable, 24/7 operation

The Data Centres Ireland conference, now concluded, provided a closer examination of the challenges facing the Irish data centre sector. Recognizing that data centres are the foundation of our modern digital world, operating 24/7, 365 days a year. Also, crucially contributing to smartification of our society and thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Leaders in the data centre industry demonstrate a clear commitment to sustainability by advancing the sector. A key aspect of this commitment lies in the adoption of renewable electricity supply. However, it requires careful choices and considerations in this complex landscape.

TidalKite, a game changer in harnessing Ireland’s tidal resources

Tidal energy emerges as a significant potential for Ireland, highlighted in the “Tidal & Current Energy Resource in Ireland report” 1 by the Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland. SeaQurrent’s TidalKite solution makes part of the identified potential of 230 TWh accessible. The Ocean Energy strategic research and innovation agenda confirms TidalKites are developed for medium to low-velocity currents, offering a game-changing advancement over previous assumptions and marking a paradigm shift in harnessing Ireland’s tidal resources.

Towards providing data centres with 100% eco-friendly energy 100% of the time

SeaQurrent, represented by Maarten Berkhout, introduced the TidalKite at the conference, garnering recognition from data centre industry experts. We look forward to continuing discussions aimed at tapping into Ireland’s multi-GW tidal energy potential and realizing a modern, sustainable digital world. TidalKite aligns well with the challenges of powering data centres around the clock, delivering a stable volume at a stable price matching data centres energy demand 24/7/365.

The TidalKite technology is also an eco-friendly energy source matching seamlessly with the sector’s sustainability goals and forward-thinking practices.

Want to join our limited partnership programme?

To enable Irish data centres to continue to lead the way, SeaQurrent seeks to develop its TidalKite system with a limited number of partners to elevate environmental stewardship, reinforcing the commitment to a modern, sustainable digital world.

We are looking for bold data centre operators to join us. If you are interested or missed the opportunity to connect during the conference, reach out via

Tidal energy. For good.