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Stakeholders visit the SeaQurrent test site


Stakeholders visit the SeaQurrent test site

In November 2019, the RUG and SeaQurrent have organised 2 trips to the barge test setup with relevant stakeholders.

These trips have enabled to demonstrate and explain all work that has been performed. In total, around 50 persons have joined one of these venues, covering various different stakeholder groups.

The enthusiasm of the visitors has further strengthened the conviction of the stakeholders and project partners of successful next steps towards deployment of the TidalKite technology as a very promising contributor in making the energy system of the Wadden area more sustainable.

During the stakeholder event, a film crew was present on behalf of the DNA, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Omrop Fryslân and NH Media. They created a short documentary on SeaQurrent, as part of 32 human-interest stories on ‘De Nieuwe Afsluitdijk’. Why 32? The Afsluitdijk connecting Fryslân and Noord-Holland is 32 kilometers long and completed in 1932.

Afbeelding LC E1581057186873 Het verhaal van de mannen van SeaQurrent
Het verhaal van de mannen van SeaQurrent