SeaQurrent successfully concluded testing a 1:10 scale model in the Dutch Waddenzee

SeaQurrent successfully concluded testing a 1:10 scale model in the Dutch Waddenzee

The Dutch company SeaQurrent successfully tested a 1:10 scale model of its TidalKite in the Waddenzee.

Youri Wentzel, CEO of SeaQurrent: “We are very happy with the results of the test programme. During the last two years we build and tested two scale models of the TidalKite. Last year we successfully tested an optimised version and we were able to fly the kite as intended, proving it works. This is a big step and great news for the continues development of our technology. Based on these promising results, we start building and testing a full-scale demonstrator near Ameland next year.”

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SeaQurrent was able to perform the testing with support of the Waddenfonds, the Province of Friesland, and in cooperation with the University of Groningen. Together with the University of Groningen a series of tests and analysis were performed to study the impact on the seafloor, which is also key in advancing the technology; understanding the boundary effects and by making sure that impact is minimal.

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The TidalKite™ is an underwater kite, with which sustainable energy can be generated from tidal currents. The TidalKite is specifically developed for the conditions that prevail in the Waddenzee, shallow waters with relatively low velocities.

Testing in the Waddenzee; applicable worldwide
The aforementioned conditions are also the most common worldwide, for which conventional technologies, such as tidal turbines, are not suitable. The efficient ‘harvesting’ of energy in this type of waters therefore requires a radically different approach and an innovative solution. The challenge is to combine efficiency, reliability and low costs. SeaQurrent succeeded in this. One TidalKite has a capacity of 500kW and can generate sufficient energy to power 700 households. The TidalKite system has the deployment potential to supply millions of households with sustainable electricity worldwide.

Why tidal energy?
The great advantage of tidal energy is its predictability and capability to produce renewable electricity almost 24/7/365. Moreover, there is no horizon pollution and the TidalKite system is designed by SeaQurrent in such a way that it will have virtually no impact on underwater life. It is therefore a good addition to other sustainable technologies, easy to deploy and it greatly improves the security of supply of renewable energy.

Collaboration Wadden Islands
Future TidalKite installations will operate completely under water and will not be visible from the surface, in order to keep the peaceful and vast Waddenzee landscape intact. In the Dutch Waddenzee area, there is enough potential for the TidalKite to provide sustainable electricity for fifty thousand Dutch households. In this way the TidalKite can mitigate climate change, help protect the exceptional values of this World Heritage and at the same time contribute to the sustainability goals of the Wadden Islands and the coastal region.