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SeaQurrent @ Ocean Energy Europe 2023

SeaQurrent @ Ocean Energy Europe 2023

OEE2023, the world’s largest gathering of ocean energy professionals, was an inspirational event for SeaQurrent. This event demonstrated that tidal energy is already happening, ready to contribute to a renewable energy future. Our participation, along with other developers, was not just about showcasing innovation but demonstrating we are on the path to make tidal technology mainstream and bringing that closer to fruition.

Highlighting our commitment to a sustainable future Julia Bell hosted a table on the “multi-use at sea” workshop and co-founder Maarten Berkhout participated in an engaging “Tidal Showcase” session. Here, Maarten elaborated upon our project under development near the Dutch island of Ameland pointing out the local benefits as well as the potential to extend to other areas. Tidal energy can provide predictable and reliable renewable electricity throughout the year, without depending on weather patterns.  And it does this without interrupting the beautiful views (both sea and land). Due to its predictability and continuity, tidal energy is an extremely cost-effective alternative.

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These benefits of the TidalKite are transferable to multiple coastal areas and islands around the world. The TidalKite is able to operate in a wide range of velocities: opening up unexploited areas with low velocities whilst realizing higher production on higher velocity sites.

At the Netherlands Pavilion, powered by the Dutch Marine Energy Centre (DMEC), we engaged with many people and companies from all over the world, who share our sustainable energy vision. This was an ideal opportunity to establish and further mature connections and partnerships with those who share our passion for a sustainable future.  SeaQurrent is dedicated to pushing tidal energy boundaries and we are looking forward to continuing this work together with OEE, the globe’s largest ocean energy network.

Please reach out to us if you share our vision and we’re looking forward to meeting up at a future event!

Photos: Simon Pugh