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Productive Days at Seanergy 2024: Showcasing Our TidalKite System

Productive Days at Seanergy 2024: Showcasing Our TidalKite System

We recently enjoyed a highly productive few days at Seanergy, the premier annual event in France dedicated to marine renewable energy and the offshore energy sectors. Seanergy brings together international professionals from developers, service companies and government bodies to discuss advancements, share knowledge, and network, making it an essential platform for innovation and collaboration.

At the event, we had the opportunity to present our TidalKite system and its potential for the tidal energy market in France. The TidalKite system complements existing tidal technologies and makes it possible to also harness energy from locations with lower velocities. The TidalKite enlarges the tidal market, thanks to its versatility; it can be deployed in both deep and shallow waters and operates efficiently in varying current speeds, from low to high. This adaptability significantly increases the number of suitable locations in France for harvesting tidal energy.

Our technology not only broadens the market and leverages EU technology and supply chains but also tackles several critical challenges in the energy transition. Tidal energy, available 24/7 and 365 days a year, is 100% predictable, making it a reliable renewable baseload power source. Energy security is another key concern our TidalKite system addresses. By promoting local energy generation and leveraging regional (EU) technology, we reduce dependency on external sources. Moreover, our commitment to limiting the use of critical raw materials and ensuring their 100% recyclability underscores our sustainable approach.

In conclusion, our participation in Seanergy was a valuable opportunity to showcase the TidalKite system's potential. We are grateful for the good and interesting discussions we had. We are looking forward to continue these, working towards TidalKite exploitation projects. By expanding the tidal energy market and addressing key energy transition challenges, we are paving the way for a more sustainable and secure energy future in France and beyond.

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Participation in Seanergy Panel: Taking Stock of Tidal Projects - The Latest

During the Seanergy event, Maarten Berkhout participated in a panel titled "Taking Stock of Tidal Projects - The Latest." This panel focused on the current state of tidal energy developments and projects, their relevance and unique ability to contribute to solving the current energy transition challenges.

The panel featured a diverse group of industry leaders:

  • Richard Arnold, Policy Director, UK Marine Energy Council
  • Maarten Berkhout, Director Projects and Co-founder, SeaQurrent
  • Drew Blaxland, CEO, Proteus Marine Renewables
  • Fabienne Joly, Director of Development for Canada, ORPC
  • Alejandro Marques de Magallanes Crespo, CEO, Magallanes Renovables

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Seanergy also interviewed Maarten about our innovative technology. In the video below, you can watch the interview. Maarten's segment starts at 3:20.

Maarten@Seanergy Interview with Maarten at Seanergy

If you didn’t manage to speak to us, feel free to reach out to us! Looking forward to be in touch.