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New EU strategy on offshore renewables sets the stage for large-scale deployment of ocean energy

New EU strategy on offshore renewables sets the stage for large-scale deployment of ocean energy

The new European Strategy on Offshore Renewable Energy clearly acknowledges the massive environmental, social and economic benefits that ocean energy can bring to Europe. It is set out to make offshore renewable energy and ocean energy a core component of Europe’s energy system by 2050 and it calls for swift, concrete implementation of the Strategy’s actions. 

The Strategy’s commitment to support a pipeline of 100MW of wave and tidal ocean energy projects in the water by 2025, and at least 1 GW by 2030, will provide a boost to the sector in the coming decade and signals the EU’s clear intentions to private sector investors with regards to the future development.

Europe has a leading position in the development of ocean energy technologies. The strategy highlights the importance of integrating the offshore renewable energy development objective in Member States’ national maritime spatial, national energy and climate plans. Deployment will strengthen the EU’s leading position to enable seizing the substantial global export opportunities.

A 2050 deployment target of 40GW ocean energy projects provides a good starting point for building out the sector over the longer term and complement the offshore wind sector.

"We will work hard to help achieve the targets and feel encouraged by the recognition that tidal energy is set to be a core part of Europe’s future proof energy system. We will collaborate with our partners, the sector and the regional and national governments to be among the ocean energy projects in the water by 2025."

Maarten Berkhout Co-founder & Project development

From a press release of Ocean Energy Europe:

Remi Gruet, CEO of Ocean Energy Europe, commented on the EU’s announcement in a press release: “That said, the ocean energy industry has ambitions far beyond this target – and Europe should too. The message from the ocean energy sector is clear: we are more than ready for this. We are confident that the case for ocean energy will be self- evident once 100MW has hit the water. The Strategy is an encouraging start to the coming decade – what we need now is to transform aspirations into actions.”

In 2021, SeaQurrent plans to demonstrate the TidalKite on a commercial scale, in the Borndiep near Ameland, a Dutch Wadden Island, and supply the electricity that is being generated to the islanders.

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Image credit: Twitter – @TimmermansEU