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European Just Transition Fund (JTF) supports the development of the TidalKite and funds the TidalKite 2.0 project

European Just Transition Fund (JTF) supports the development of the TidalKite and funds the TidalKite 2.0 project

SeaQurrent is an innovative company from Northern Netherlands focused on generating clean electricity from tidal and ocean currents using a patented system of underwater kites, the TidalKite. The opportunities presented by tidal energy are immense. With the TidalKite, we harness a predictable, renewable energy source that is underutilized, enabling us to provide clean energy 24/7/365. This is crucial because there is a significant demand for clean energy, especially during periods when solar or wind energy is unavailable. SeaQurrent has successfully tested scale models in the Wadden Sea and is now ready to optimize the technology, to prepare the TidalKite for commercial deployment and industrialisation.

The TidalKite 2.0 project

The project focuses on realizing and demonstrating (sub system) design improvements, decomplexing and optimising energy production from the TidalKite.

TidalKite paves the way for the ‘next phase in the energy transition’. The TidalKite addresses the main challenges in the energy transition, offering solutions for optimal grid integration, landscape integration and new locations for local clean power generation.

Through collaboration with RUG, TCNN, and the engagement of local suppliers, the local innovation ecosystem will be strengthened, which can result in the development of new value chains.

About the University of Groningen

The University of Groningen has been involved in testing and developing the TidalKite since 2015. In the TIDALKITE 2.0 project, the RUG will conduct further research on optimizing the TidalKite design through Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis.

About TCNN

TCNN is the partner for SMEs, with a focus on guiding and implementing innovation projects. In the project, TCNN will contribute its expertise and extensive regional network to achieve the project objectives.

About the Just Transition Fund

The Just Transition Fund (JTF), the ‘fund for a just transition,’ is a European fund for regions most severely affected by the transition to a green economy. With this, the European Union aims to reduce socio-economic inequality. The JTF is derived from the European Green Deal, which is intended to achieve a climate-neutral Europe by 2050.

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