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Analysis of hydrodynamic parameters influencing the TidalKite performance undersea

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Analysis of hydrodynamic parameters influencing the TidalKite performance undersea

Are you looking for a master thesis topic? Are you eager to contribute to a sustainable future and renewable energy sector?  Are you curious about hydrodynamics? Then, we have a challenge for you!

The TidalKite

Tidal energy holds significant promise as a renewable energy source, derived from the gravitational forces between the Earth, Moon, and Sun, resulting in predictable and cyclic rise and fall of ocean tides. Various technologies have emerged to harness this energy, including the TidalKite. This innovative device utilizes the kinetic energy of tidal currents to generate electricity efficiently.

The assignment

In this assignment, we delve into determining and analyzing the influence of hydrodynamic parameters of the TidalKite. Hydrodynamic parameters for an undersea kite involve characterizing its interaction with the surrounding fluid environment. Key parameters include lift and drag coefficients, added mass coefficients, and damping coefficients.

The focus of this project is to:

  • Determine the influence of the hydrodynamic added mass, possibly influencing the kite's motion, efficiency, and stability in capturing tidal energy.
  • Develop mathematical and simulation models to consider the added mass effect in the Tidalkite design.
  • Validate the model using existing test results of the TidalKite.

This project is open for those studying a masters degree in Naval architecture, Aerospace engineering, fluid mechanics, hydrodynamics, offshore engineering, ocean engineering or computational mechanics and the student should be able to demonstrate an interest in fluids and CFD and Physics. The project will be run out of our Drachten office and the work can be carried out in Drachten or Groningen.

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