the power of the tides

The missing link in the energy transition. Our innovative TidalKite system taps into the oceans' tidal energy potential, leading us towards a clean, modern future.

Tidal energy. For good.

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Our patented multi-wing TidalKite™ provides renewable baseload power at a low cost, complementing solar and wind with its capability to provide constant, reliable power to the grid, ensuring stability in both volume and price. Thanks to the high energy yield, TidalKite farms are versatile, suitable for deployment across all tidal segments, effectively doubling the tidal energy market potential in size. Moreover, TidalKite is designed to be 100% recyclable, safe and eco-friendly. Discover more about the TidalKite system.

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At SeaQurrent, our dedication to shaping a modern, efficient energy future fuels our actions. We believe deeply in driving positive change through innovation. Our goal is to ensure clean, reliable energy becomes a universal standard, available at every moment—day and night, throughout all seasons. Our innovations are designed not only to power our lives and businesses, but also to be eco-friendly.

Moon energy Tidal currents are caused by the gravitational forces of the sun and the moon, and are particularly concentrated in narrow bodies of water, such as around islands or coastal inlets.
A 100% predictable clean energy source Not influenced by the weather conditions, tidal currents and energy production can be predicted hundreds of years in advance.
Clean and safe global energy resource Global tidal energy has an estimated potential of 600GW in installed capacity.

The TidalKite system

The TidalKite system: there is more to it than just a kite.

Baseload power

TidalKite delivers the lowest cost 100% clean baseload power, needed to complement peak load power and optimise grid use.

Lower LCOE

TidalKite enables a lower levelised cost of energy (LCOE) compared to conventional tidal technologies.


Designed to be eco-friendly and resilient at its core, safe for deployment in marine environments and 100% recyclable.

High energy yield

The multiple wings of the TidalKite means it can harvest from a wide surface area (3D harnessing), producing energy 24/7/365 at a stable volume and price.


TidalKite farms are versatile and modular, suitable for deployment across all tidal segments, doubling the addressable tidal market to make real impact.

Discover more about the TidalKite system

It is our goal to make TidalKite a mainstream energy solution in ten years.  A bit of a moonshot, right? No. By then we have made it happen. Driven by our strong perseverance and our solid commitment to foster and preserve our planet. For future generations. For good.

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Thesis topic – Analysis of hydrodynamic parameters influencing the TidalKite performance undersea

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